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Updated: Aug 11, 2022

Forgive me! It's August 2nd and I'm 4 months into a complete house renovation. It's put my entire life on hold!


"Renovation" - you say.

"That sounds like so much Fun!" you say.

"Was it planned you ask?"

The answer to all those questions is the same.

Fuck off. Quit being nosey! Ha! I kid, I kid.

I put a hole in my water heater and flooded my whole house like an idiot. Nope.

Not fun. Nope. Wasn't planned and is quite frankly a huge pain in my ass.

We had to move out of our house.

We don't have toilets. I haven't pooped in my own house in months.

Completely annoying.

Let's get back to the story!!

So this whole time.. I've been talking about my sisters. "my sisters this..." "My sisters that".. Ugh! I must sound so annoying already.

We get it Mark.. you might have sisters!

The one person I havent really talked too much about is my brother. "Gable"

Never heard a peep from him directly up until this point in my story.

I had asked my sisters about him a couple of times but was told that he's just laying low and seeing how it's going to play out.


Probably a wise choice.

Who knew if I was even related.

Maybe I was a scammer...

I was actually afraid that he might see me as a threat.

Not in a weird, violent way... but just being the first born male in a Latino family is a big deal.

Maybe it would change things?

Maybe he wouldn't like me?

Maybe it's Maybelline?

However the minute we confirmed... the second we got the DNA results in and confirmed 100% that I was family.. he sent me a text.

It just said "You guys might not know this, but I consider myself a bit of a loner. I tend to think of myself as a one-man wolf pack. But when my sister brought Mark home, I knew he was one of my own. And my wolf pack... it grew by one"

True story. My first text from my new brother was a quote from Hangover. I knew we were related immediately.

Damnit. I'm not crying you are!

It was the first thing he said to me. He accepted me and told me that he loved me unconditionally and that I was family.

Gabe and I didn't have the "long" talks like me and my sisters did.

Maybe it's a guy thing?

Maybe we just both understood that we are brothers and there is a bond that could never be broken.

Nah that wasn't it. Guys don't talk and we don't need to.

We both know the unspoken rules of being a guy.

1) Don't be bringing that crying shit over here (Unless you really need to)

2) Leave 1 stall in the middle between us and don't you dare make eye contact.

We are packing up and getting ready for a trip to meet my family for the first time!

Wish me luck! I am soo excited and so nervous all at the same time.

Holy Shit... I have a dad... 3 sisters, a brother... and an Abuelita!!!

I don't speak a lick of spanish

Holy shit. My life has changed.

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