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Updated: Oct 19, 2021

**WARNING!! ** This is an adult Blog with real life shit. I won't apologize for the language or the jokes. If I didnt have a sense of humor about this, I'd probably go insane. If you get offended easily, This might not be the blog for've been warned!****

Now the next part of this is ONLY THE BEGINNING of this crazy ass story.

The DNA results came in and the first part that you scroll through kind of walks you through your "DNA Story".

IF you are able to read numbers like me.. the first thing that should immediately jump out at your ass is the fact that you see 17% Indigenous America's (Latin America) and another 11% Spanish (Spain).

There's a wish-wash of other stuff in there too, but WOAH! Wait.. HUH?

That's a very large percentage for someone who keep referring to himself as a "White Boy".

Clearly, This on it's own is a big surprise.

Although - it kind of explains a lot. I've always had a desire to learn Spanish and I've always loved salsa and Tacos! LOL! (For all of you that going to be butthurt about that joke, I'm well aware Taco's are a Mexican dish and Ecuador is South American, but the joke wouldn't be as funny if I made it about Ceviche). Plus, I love me some damn tacos! Don't judge.

Also, now that I am magically Latin - you can't question my jokes. If you do, you're automatically a racist. LOL! Also a joke! I can do that now that I'm brown. (Don't laugh or you're going to hell)

Outside of this being completely crazy... I'm 41 years old, and I'm just now finding out about my heritage and my culture. If I didn't know this.. what the hell else don't I know??

Does it change things?.. Nah, but yes..... I definitely get to check a different box. It's also a really shitty time to be a white male in this country. Good Luck white guys! It was nice knowing you :)

This was pretty much the most mind blowing information I've received up until this point.

So I'm looking at the Ancestry app.. and there's more!...

As I scroll down to what's next.. my heart is really starting to race.

Remember earlier when I said "NONE Of this matters and "that I didn't care about this at all"...

Well, I lied. It seems after finding out information this big... It totally matters..... and I was not prepared for what's next.

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