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Part 6 -One Phone Call.. changes it all!

Updated: Nov 28, 2021

**WARNING!!**This is an adult Blog with real life shit.I won't apologize for the language or the jokes. If I didn't have a sense of humor about this,I'd probably go insane. If you get offended easily, This might not be the blog for've been warned!****

Sorry for the delays in getting this one out!

Here we go:

It's Sunday September 6th

This is the day. The news I would get today would blow my mind!!!

This is the day that really gets the ball rolling!!!

I'm outside MOWING my yard.. and my phone rings.... It's a number I didn't recognize?!

Probably SPAM right?


But.. I decided to go ahead and answer it.... because I like to FK with these people.

There's a voice over the phone.

it sounds Hispanic...

You're asking yourself.. "Sounds Hispanic? what the Fk does that even mean?"...

Well people...let's just say he rolls his "R's" a lot better than I do. (Try it- Burrrrrrrito)!.. RRRRRRRRRRR

I'm confused as to what I'm doing here.

Are we rolling our "R's" or is Tony the Tiger having a seizure? It's GRRRRREAT!

You be the judge.

The mysterious Latin guy voice says....

"HELLO, Mark?".

I said, "Yes, who's this?"....

He said "my name is Ruis and my daughter XXX got a message from you on the Ancestry app and asked me to reach out to you". he asked me "Do you a second to tell me what's going on?".

Guys... In my head I'm freaking out. My adrenaline spiked. I was shitting my pants. Not literally, but kind of literally. I wasn't expecting this phone call.

My brain wasn't ready to have this conversation. He ninja'd in on me and I wasn't prepared mentally for what or how I was going to say.

Good News though... this got me out of mowing. I might be brown, but I'm not quite THAT brown. I hate yard work. Mowing sucks ass!

SOOO.. I begin to tell him the story. Just like I'm telling everyone here. I'm 41. Never knew my dad. Ancestry. Bam... Latino...

Bam. Potential match with a sister.. BAM!

And he goes on to tell me another crazy ass story.

"Ruis" explained to me that him and my "potential dad" are brothers. He is 57 but they grew up with with separated parents. He lost touch with his brother when they were kids and were never able to get back in touch again. His family was from Ecuador and some were here in the U.S.

Just like me.. His daughter (My 3rd Cousin) submitted her DNA and connected with my sibling. They were able to connect through the app and eventually the brothers were able to speak on the phone.

This was probably about 2 years ago or so that this happened. With COVID, they have not been able to physically see each other yet.

We sat and talked for about 2 hours. He he was such a nice guy. He told me about my grandfather and my family heritage in both Ecuador and in Europe.

He shared lots of pics with me and here's one I can share with everyone. This is of my grandfather.

We talked about everything you could imagine.

But there was one part of the conversation that really got me in the "Feels".

He said "Look Mark. I don't know what your dad is going to think about you or what he's going to say. This is going to be a lot for him to consider".

"But not matter what he says. You are family. And regardless of what he says or does nobody can take that away. You are part of our family now and no matter what you will always be a "Nonamaker".

Yeah. I'm NOT crying.. you are!

It was a little much to take in.

Hearing those words really touched my heart.

He said.. "You know what though?"... "You aren't the only kid to show up at your dad's door step". He had ANOTHER kid and a very similar situation that happened about 20 years ago!!

WHAT!! I'm the 2nd illegitimate child to show up in these peoples lives!


As we are nearing towards the end of the conversation....

Ruis asked me. Do you want to facetime so we can see each other?

Hell Yes I do.... and he we are.

He asked me"Have you tried reaching out to anyone in the family yet to talk to them and tell them your story?"

I explained to him that I had tried sending everyone messages on Ancestry. No answer. I messaged everyone on Facebook messenger, but no answer.

He said "Mark, you need to reach out to your sister "Jasmine". She was the one that came into the picture later in life and you probably share a lot of similar experiences."

He said "if anyone is going to listen to you and give you a chance.. it's going to be her".

I let him know that I already messaged her on "FB Messenger" but I told him that I would go to an actual computer and create a Facebook account and message here on there and we'll see what happens.

We chatted for a bit longer and eventually said our Goodbyes for now.

The thing is... He's going to tackle this from his side as well. He's going to reach out to his brother and try to "probe" some more information. I'm the 2nd kid to show up at his door step. Maybe he won't be surprised :)

To end it all... Sunday night - I messaged my potential sister "Jasmine". I told her my story again and hoped that she would respond.

................and she DID!! She messaged me EARLY Monday AM. SHe wants to talk to me on the way in to work. WISH ME LUCK!!!

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