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Part 7 - Someone I can "RELATE" to!

**WARNING!! ** This is an adult Blog with real life shit. I won't apologize for the language or the jokes. If I didn't have a sense of humor about this, I'd probably go insane. If you get offended easily, This might not be the blog for've been warned!****

First off... I just want to acknowledge the dad humor in the title of this blog. LOL!

"Someone I can Relate to"... I'm a damn comedic genius.

Because it's a double entendre!

Yes, I giggled at this. Patting myself on the back.

So back to the story......

It's Monday morning. September 7th

I wake up to go the gym (Because I'm trying to be a responsible adult... and it's bullshit).

But first check my FB account to see if anyone responded. I've been doing that nearly 100 times a day for like a month as I was waiting to hear back from people.

Did anyone reply.......?

Low and Behold.. SHE DID! Ummm.. holy shit super early!

FINALLY, someone reached back out to me!!!!

She wants to hear my story!

At this point I'm super nervous.

So, I messaged her back real quick and she responded. She wants to talk this AM.. on her way to work.

It's like 430am my time so I have about 3 hours to so until I was going to call her.

We went to the gym but I didn't accomplish squat (LMFAO, See again what I did there.!!).

My head was trying to process what I was going to say.

How was this conversation going to go? Was she nice? Does she speak Spanish? What does she know about my potential dad?

It's TIME... it's 730am CST..


I dialed the number...

Was I nervous?

Well, I'd like to quote a great poet and well known author.. Eminem.

"His palms are sweaty, knees weak, arms are heavy There's vomit on his sweater already: Mom's spaghetti He's nervous, but on the surface he looks calm and ready"

But seriously..... my palms really were sweaty. Also, I didn't vomit or eat spaghetti. I was too nervous and it was way the hell to early for a delicious Italian entrée.

*Ring Ring*

... and I hear her voice.

Did I mention that I was so damn nervous?

She says "Hi Mark"

and we introduce ourselves to each other.

SOO... as I have a thousand times. I told her my story.

I explained the DNA, my dad... and my love for tacos.

We talked for nearly an hour! She was blown away... We were both blown away.

We had an INSTANT connection. I felt connected to her in a way that I could not explain.

Our stories were so alike!

Also, as I'm trying to confirm data: She WAS from Florida, her dad was a recruiter in the Marines! CHECK!

And then she tells me HER story.

Her mom was also young and ended up pregnant.

She only had a name. "Caballardo Nonamaker".

Nothing else.

But, she dreamed of knowing who this "Father" was her whole life.

As she got into college.. she really wanted to find out who this man was! It was something she thought about daily, but she felt that she needed to move on. This man may never be found.

And then one day... she heard a Father's Day announcement on a local radio station.

The station was asking to hear from those searching for their fathers.

So she called the radio station and submitted some paperwork.

Low and behold. She got picked.

The radio station hired a private investigator but she didn't really hear back for months and months.

One day out of the blue they ask her to take a DNA test. Apparently they had found this man.. and wanted to confirm through DNA.

Once they did.. they united them live in the radio!!

That was nearly 25 years ago!!! Lost kid #1


I'm not crying.. you're CRYING!!

She tells me that she has 3 siblings!! 2 MORE sisters and a brother!

Then the mind blowing part.... (as if this whole fucking story hasn't been mind blowing!)..

She's 41 years old!! The same age as me.

Interesting.... so we start talking about birthdays. October, January, June.

She says... your oldest sister's birthday is in October. She's also 41!!!!

ALL 3 of us are the same age. WOW!

She goes on.... IF we are truly related....

She says, "HOLY SHIT.. we're basically IRISH TRIPLETS"?

For those of you that don't know the term "Irish Twins" - Is a slang term for when a mother would have a baby and then get almost immediately pregnant again. This would produce 2 siblings that would be born within the same calendar year of 365 days. Typically this would be from the same mother... but hell 3 kids... all the same AGE!

Still Crazy!!

Think about it.

What things might we have experienced together??

Saved by the Bell, Alf, Fraggle Rock, Discmans, Napster, Nintendo, personal pagers, the INTERNET!?

All 3 of us would have started kindergarten together. We would have went through Middle School and High School. Prom... first car.

My brain was melting as I was taking all of this in.

I'm not ashamed to admit that this whole experience have been...


I'm sure there is lots of juicy stuff that I'm missing... but at the end of the conversation she said "I need to reach out to your sisters "B and N".

They are going to want to talk to you and hear your story.

"Are you around later on tonight so that your sisters can talk to you?"

Also, I'm going to need to tell "Dad" the story.

"I'm not sure how he's going to take it."

"We definitely need to get a paternity test to help us understand if we are on the right track"

More to come....

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