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Part 8 - One Little, Two Little, Three Little... Sisters!

It's been a little bit since I've pushed out any content.

I've been a little busy with things. Life. Work. Playing my drums. I needed to take a little break from this whole dad thing for a moment.

Also, I've been hanging out with the whitest Latino kids you've ever seen in your life. I'm serious. My daughter is a blue eyed, Red Haired albino. If she tried to tell ANYONE at school she's Latina.. she's definitely getting her ass whooped.

They'll never buy it.

Sorry for holding you in suspense for this long.....

WHEW... Part 8.

Up to now... this has been one hell of an emotional roller coaster.

If you've been in here this long I guess you are in for the long haul of the story, right?

Thank you!

Hopefully you are entertained by my life's surprises.

SOOOO... within 24 hours of talking to my first potential sister... things really started escalating very quickly.

I get a text message from Sister #2 (Brandy) within about 2 hours. (Making up peoples names is hard... I keep forgetting what the hell everyone's made up name is. I'm confusing myself).

She says "Hey Mark, this is "Brandy".."Jasmine" just called me and told me the whole thing. This is insane! I've got a work thing going on but would love to chat with you later on today so that we can catch up?"

So obviously I'm excited, right!

This is the SISTER!

THE sister. The one from the DNA match.

She would be my older sister.

My BIG sister..... which is crazy because I've always been the oldest and the one that has my shit together.

So finally - the call comes in!

I answer... and here we go again.

So, we start talking about the DNA. 30% Latino (Still weird typing that out)

I showed her the screenshots of my DNA test and the matches. Showed her the amount of DNA that we shared could ONLY mean we were siblings.... and of course I wanted to know more about her Dad and her family.

This just got more complicated... you see when I was born her mom was still married to my potential dad. She is 3 months older than I am. My BIG sister.

Isn't that shit crazy? I'm 42.. I've never had an older sibling.. OR sisters!

She was completely blown away as well.

She tells me about her mother and her childhood. She went to college and has been married nearly 20 years. Her husband is amazing. She has 2 kids. She has a wonderful, successful job and a seemingly great life. We talked for what seemed like 2 hours. We bonded. She was so sweet and so sincere. I just instantly loved her to death.

He was a MARINE! She was born in Florida where my mom lived. As we started going through all of the information it just kept lining up... again and again.

It just makes too much sense! The DNA. The DNA Match. All of it. She says "you know what Mark, there's no way that this isn't real... I really do think we are brother and sister!". and of course... I cried. I tried not to.

Her head was clearly swimming too..

But, this is the 2nd time that someone has showed up at the doorstep. Second time it's happened to her family. Her siblings. Her mom. I'm not sure you can really prepare for a moment like this.. So I think it was just a lot to take in and try to digest. Especially hearing it all first hand.

Of course she was worried about her mom and her mom's feelings. Even after all this time.

We still have another sister named "Natalie" AND another brother named "Gabe".

She told me that she was going to have to figure out how to tell the rest of the family... and ultimately talk to "Dad" as well. She wanted to sit down with him with all of the family and ask him about it.

We needed confirmation. We needed proof that all of this detective work is real. We need a DNA test. We need him to take a DNA test so that we can all know 100% for sure.

She told me that she was going to call "Natalie" and "Gabe" next to spill the news to them. "This is going to be a total mind fuck to everyone!"

Time to tell the other siblings!.... My heart was racing!

Is this man my father? Only one way to find out.... Stay tuned.

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